Presented Papers at Conferences

November 17-18th 2022
The Informatized Body. 2nd International Forum on Digital and Democracy, Technodemocracy Session, Rome, Italy.
October 12-14. 2022
Expanding Equity and Access Through Digital Global Learning. AAC&U Virtual Conference on Transforming Global Learning Practice.
May 18-21st 2021
Early Warning Experience across the United Nations, the World Bank, and Private Sector. Practitioners Workshop on Conflict Early Warning/Action, New York University Center on International Cooperation, New York.
October 10th 2019
Artificial Intelligence Conflict Prevention Capacity in Development Context, Bridging the Gap Annual Conference, Knowledge Platform for Security and Rule of Law of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Hague.
 June 23-25th 2019The Relationship Between Influential Actors’ Language and Violence. Graduate School of Economics Summer Forum, Barcelona, Spain.View Presentation November 9-11th 2017The Anatomy of Social Movements. Northeastern Political Science Association 49th Annual Conference, Philadelphia, USA. November 3-4th 2017Social Movements in Southern Europe. Scholarship and Resistance 14th Annual Public Anthropology Conference, Washington DC, USA. September 13-16th 2017Alter-globalization in Southern Europe. Democracy in Times of Change. 31st Annual Conference of the Italian Society for Political Science, Urbino, Italy. December 8-10th 2016The Rise of Alter-globalization in the West: A Critical Analysis. 1st Trans-Pacific International Conference, Busan, South Korea. February 18–21st 2015Big Data in International Studies: Can Web Intelligence Technologies be used to Predict Diplomatic Crises in Asia? International Studies Association 56th Annual Convention, New Orleans, USA. January 8-10th 2015Using Open Source Intelligence and Ethnography to Predict Diplomatic Crises in Southeast Asia. 2nd Global South Caucus of the International Studies Association, Singapore. September 19-20th 2014Social Risk Analysis: Using Data Analytics and Ethnography to Predict Diplomatic Crises in Southeast Asia. 8th Asian Political and International Studies Association Annual Congress, Chiang Mai, Thailand.View Presentation August 1-3rd 2014The Posthuman Anthropologist: Integrating Ethnography with Artificial Intelligence. 13th European Association of Social Anthropologists Biennial Conference, Tallinn, Estonia.View Presentation May 17th 2014Social Risk Analysis: Using Data Analytics and Ethnography to Predict Diplomatic Crises in East Asia. 6th Korea International Studies Association Annual Convention, Seoul, South Korea.View Presentation October 4-6th 2012The Body, Ideology and Socioeconomic Change in South Korea. Body and Enhancement Technology, Postech HIT Institute, Pohang, South Korea.

Invited Talks

Oct 15th 2020Violence Early Warning in Kenya, Jim Finkle Atrocity Prevention Group, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM), Videoconference. June 21st 2019The Relationship Between Influential Actors’ Language and Violence, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Paris.View Presentation March 22nd 2019Third Generation Pre-Cognitive AI and Early Warning Political Violence Forecasting, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Washington DC. July 15th 2017Artificial Intelligence and Poverty Prediction, United Nations Development Program (UNDP), New York. May 18th 2017Forecasting Civil Unrest using Ethnography and Artificial Intelligence. UNDP Crisis Response Unit, New York.View Presentation October 21st 2014Integrating Ethnography with Artificial Intelligence. Recorded Future User Network, Newseum, Washington DC.View Presentation June 15th 2013Regional Integration in Europe and ASEAN. University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, Bangkok. February 21st 2012Stories from North Korea. John Cabot University, Rome. November 9th 2012Anthropological Research Methods. Harvey Milk Center, San Francisco. May16th 2011The EU, North Korea and Human Rights. Korea University, Seoul. June 20th 2011Gramscian Perspectives on Regional Integration. Ho Chi Minh University, Ho Chi Minh City. March 30th 2011US Foreign Policy in Asia. Mercy College, New York. June 6th 2010Subcultures in North East Asia. Ryukoku University, Kyoto. September 18th 2007Human Rights in the Tibet Autonomous Region. Italian Cultural Association, Rome. January 11th 2006African Immigrants in Southern Italy. Italian Cultural Association, Rome. November 23rd 2008Labor Rights for Unemployed Youth. Campania Regional Government, Naples.