Eduardo AlbrechtPolitical Anthropologist

My work uses ethnographically calibrated software specifically designed to predict future instances of political unrest. I am an Associate Professor at Mercy College in the Department of Social Sciences and a Senior Fellow at United Nations University's Centre for Policy Research.

About me

Forthcoming Book:Political Automation

Governments increasingly use automated “bureaucratic bots” to produce policy decisions according to a set of programmed instructions. As AI edges up the ladder of cognitive skills, increasingly complex policy-making functions will be taken over from human supervision, including on matters of national security and international peacekeeping. This book, Political Automation: An Introduction to Driverless Government from Policing to Peacekeeping (forthcoming from Oxford University Press 2023), will explore expected effects on state-citizen relations. Image credit: Nicholas Albrecht.


Prosthetic Ethnography

Prosthetic ethnography is a term I use to describe the process of co-calibrating algorithmic technologies with ethnographic experience.

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My Projects

I was the Chief Ethnographer and Co-Founder of Peloria Insights, a project that uses cutting edge social science and artificial intelligence methods to see unseeable patterns, enabling prediction, pre-emption, and preparation for social phenomena. Previously I was the founder of Ethnographic Edge, a multidisciplinary geopolitical risk forecasting project.


Teaching and Affiliations

I am Associate Dean and Associate Professor, School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Mercy College. Find out more about the classes I am currently teaching and my previous experience.

Teaching and Affiliations

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